Prospect Congregational Church, UCC A Place for You...

Church Officers

Interim Pastor

Rev. Lynne Dolan

Rev. Dolan is our settled Pastor joining our church in November 2020.


Robert Harvey

Bob is currently the Moderator of the Prospect Congregational Church and serves as Chair on the Board of Trustees.

Vice Moderator

Rich Sargeant

Rich became Vice-Moderator in 2019.  


Robin Moore

Robin accepted the vacant position of Clerk in August 2020.  Robin was also an integral part of the Pastoral Search Committee.


Sheryl Mann

Sheryl is currently the Treasurer and is responsible for the handling and accounting of all money belonging to the Church, including its invested funds. She is responsible for attending monthly Church Council meetings where she provided Council with a monthly financial statement.

Assistant Treasurer

Gary Arndt

Gary has been a member of Prospect Congregational Church for more than 47 years. He has served on various boards and committees including the Deacons and as Treasurer and currently serves on the Elevator committee, Board of Trustees, is Chairman of the Finance committee as well as  Assistant Treasurer. He graduated from Tufts University in 1965 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and worked for Uniroyal Chemical in Naugatuck for more than 37 years, retiring in 2003.

Financial Secretary

Tina Soderberg

Tina had been the office administrator for 14 years and is currently the Financial Secretary and Bookeeper for the church.  Tina also is a Sunday School teacher and is heavily involved with all aspects of church life.

Assistant Financial Secretary

Judy Niatopsky

Judy is a 16 yr member of the Prospect Congregational Church.  Past service includes the Board of Missions, Board of Trustees, Assistant Treasurer, Nominating Committee and many fundraising committees.  Besides being the current Second Assistant Financial Secretary she also serves on the ad hoc Elevator Committee. 

Second Assistant Financial Secretary

Sue Hudson

Besides being the Second Assistant Financial Secretary and a member of the Finance Committee, Sue has also played in integral part in the Pastoral Search Committee.  Additionally, Sue is a member of the bBoard of Christian Education and a Youth Leader since 2015.


Diana Trumbley



Lucas Colaci

Lucas was baptized and raised in the Prospect Congregational Church and was recently confirmed. Outside of church, Lucas plays AAU baseball and basketball.  He has a strong interest in history that encouraged him to accept the nomination for the church historian position.

Asst. Historian

Debra Colaci

I have been blessed to be part of the Prospect Congregational Church throughout my entire life.  In her youth, Debra was active in Sunday school and Youth Fellowship.  After confirmation, she served on the Board of Deacons for several years.  Currently she serves as a member of the Pastoral Care Committee and as the Asst. Historian.  Debra is married with 4 children, resides in Bethany, and works full-time in healthcare management.